Install and Play Gamecity to win real rupees in cash!

I can't install Gamecity App

Make sure "Unknown Sources" is enabled at Settings > Security.
Download the Gamecity app again from our official website.
Click on the apk file on your notifications area or download folder.

I can't update Gamecity

If for any reason, you're unable to update to the latest version of Gamecity, please uninstall the version you have and then download and install the app again.

How to play Gamecity

Gamecity is typically played by 3 to 6 players uses 52-card pack without jokers. Like other poker and rummy games, Gamecity starts by putting down a wager. For the most part, there must be a fixed sum set up that players are eager to wager before the cards are dispersed. After a player has put down the wager and the boot sum is gathered from everybody, every player is managed three cards face down. The boot sum is the base measure of money in question which is kept in the pot. The pot sits in the table.

When the player and the sellers are managed three cards, the following move is to make a call or a raise. In the event that you have played the round of Poker previously, you should know about these two terms. To make a call demonstrates that the player will proceed in the game, however won't raise his wager, though, making a raise implies that the player will include money in the pot, consequently gambling to win or lose more than the main wager.

In any case, one should take note of that that wagering on Gamecity isn't equivalent to poker. In Gamecity, you are required to have all the wagers in equivalent sums, implying that once a player makes a wager of 2 coins with another player putting 4, the past player should put 4 extra coins rather than only 2 to the prior 2.

As the game keeps on advancing, the money sum begins to develop and is won by the individual who remains in the game until the finish of the hand and has the best hand or the most noteworthy hand. It is settled on the cards positioning from most noteworthy to the least.

What's the Gamecity Rules

The object of the game is to have the best three-card hand and to raise the pot before the showdown. Any hand of a higher category beats any hand of a lower category. If two players have the same combination then the pot is split between the two no matter which of the two players asked for showdown. In another variation, where the suits hold ranks, the player with the higher suit wins the pot.

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